Barbara Lewis, MBA
Barbara Lewis, MBAFounder
Joan’s Family Bill of Rights

Barbara Lewis, MBA, is the founder of Joan’s Family Bill of Rights, which she founded after spending two weeks in the ICU with her sister, Joan, who tragically passed away. Her mission if the improve the patient experience. She is the Managing Editor of DocCom, an on-line communication skills learning program, and the Project Director for Professional Formation with 13 online modules. She is the Managing Director of the Academy for Professionalism in Health Care.

Barbara built the first business case for why hospitals should have Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFACs) to improve safety, save money and enhance the patient experience. The document has been widely cited. Since the release of the document, according to the Beryl Institute, PFACs have increased from about 20% to about 80% in hospitals.

She is the co-chair emerita of the Regional Patient Advisory Council at Southern California Kaiser Permanente, representing 4.6 million patients. She was also the inaugural co-chair of the Beryl Institute’s Patient and Family Advisory Board.

Barbara sits on the board of the Academy of Communication in Healthcare. For two years, she hosted a podcast, Healthcare Communication: Effective Techniques for Clinicians. She is currently pursuing a PhD in public health.