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CSG makes ordinary experiences, extraordinary. Patients, care givers, and healthcare providers expect high quality care experiences that translate into better health outcomes. For the better part of two decades the healthcare focus has been on population health and quality outcomes for the masses. Now, the standard is a value-based care model where quality remains, but the care is personalized to the individual. In addition to getting the doctor’s visit right, it’s about supporting successful care delivery from symptoms and diagnosis to treatment and lifestyle management. It is more than a single touchpoint—it’s the entire patient journey.

CSG offers a suite of patient journey management tools that help improve both patient and provider experiences across the care continuum. Our suite of solutions brings the power of patient data, journey orchestration, and analytics under one hood of decisioning and logic. Not only do we have subject matter experts in the healthcare space, but established analyst firms such as Forrester, Gartner, Ventana, and Quadrant all recognize CSG capabilities in journey orchestration, journey analytics, customer data platforms, and marketing innovation as leading in the market. Many organizations use terms like “journey orchestration” but do not actually provide a tangible solution to drive enterprise value. With more than 40 years of driving improved change to the customer experience, we have the industry know-how to realize quantifiable success. At CSG, we work with healthcare executives to turn their static journey maps into intuitive, real-life patient-provider interactions.